Fumigation Services

Rentokil’s pest control experts are trained to provide professional fumigation services throughout Mozambique.

Fumigation ensures that shipping and cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, milling and agricultural businesses are protected against Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths.

Treatment of Grain and Food Produce

Rentokil’s fumigation treatment is a simple, cost effective method of eliminating pest insect in bulk commodities. This means that infestations of bulk consignments can be controlled prior to shipment through cargo fumigation treatments. This will ensure that shipments are transported safely and without the risk of contamination.

Food and Product Fumigation

Rentokil’s fumigant gas treats grain and bulk commodities such as cocoa, rice, nuts, dried fruit, coffee beans and animal feed, along with other raw materials used for food and feed manufacture. Fumigation eradicates all life cycle stages of the target insect pest, with all the benefits of being non-tainting and leaving no pesticide residue.

Sufficient time must be allowed for the fumigant to work effectively. The time 'under gas' is referred to as 'exposure period'. When the fumigant is used at ambient temperatures, optimal results are normally attained in about 8 days, although this generally takes slightly longer in the winter season.

Benefits of our Fumigation Treatments

  • 90 years of international experience.
  • Rentokil is committed to continuous development that equips us to offer expert solutions.
  • Our dedicated in-house research and development department ensures that we share global best practice.

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With access to a wide range of fumigation solutions, we can ensure the most suitable form of treatment for your specific pest control requirements:

Commodity Fumigation

A commodity can include anything from grain to personal effects imported or exported from one country or area to another. The commodity can be by itself (in a loose container load), in a container or in a silo.

To eradicate the risk of a pest infestation, products are treated by a gas, chemical or other process.

Container Fumigation

Transporting goods in shipments between countries using containers is an economic and well established practice. Container fumigation is the treatment of a commodity within a container, or the container itself, to eliminate the risk of pests entering or leaving the country or area.

Container fumigation services

Container fumigation is necessary to prevent foreign pests and potentially harmful illnesses from entering another country. In some cases countries will require fumigation certificates before entry to the port.

Since lumber insects - such as weevils  - pose a significant quarantine risk, any wooden packaging (or if the actual container is wooden) must be fumigated to prevent the entry of these insects into the country of arrival. Through fumigating containers or relevant commodities, containers can be cleared at the loading port without any infestation complications.

We provide container fumigation services that are done on your premises. This service is performed by covering the container with a gas proof fumigation tarp and then sand is snaked around all of the edges to achieve and maintain a gas seal.

Silo Fumigation

Silo fumigation is a cost-effective method to treat large amounts of grain products such as cereals, animal feeds or chocolate for instance, within its storage vessel (e.g. a silo). It is a feasible, alternative treatment to container fumigation.

Rentokil’s silo fumigation service can help your business adhere to strict food guidelines, and also delivers the following usage benefits:

  • The majority of silo fumigations are carried out to save time and money in the sense that large quantities of products can be treated in one service for a relatively low cost compared to container fumigation.
  • The quality of stored commodities will not be affected or downgraded.
  • Making use of a silo fumigation service means that your end product will not be affected with insect specimens or fragments.

With 90 years of international experience, Rentokil has the specialist know-how and access to the latest technologies to offer you an efficient fumigation service which can guarantee complete control of your pest or insect infestation.

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