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Get rid of Rats, Mice and other Crawling and Flying Insects that invade your home

Not only are pests in the home an inconvenience, but they also pose health risks to your family and pets and cause damage to your property. Rentokil will not only to help you get rid of pests in your home, but will also ensure that they don't return. You can count on us to eliminate and prevent stored product insects, protect homes and gardens from rats and mice, and ensure that homes and buildings are secure against fleas, flies and bed bugs, to name but a few.

Trust the Rentokil pest control experts to provide you with effective insect and rodent control services that are safe for your environment, guests and family.

Rat and Mice Control

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Rodents spread diseases that can be harmful to your family, and cause damage to your premises. Trust the Rentokil experts to get rid of rats and mice with an effective and safe rodent control service.

  • Rat Control Treatments
  • Get rid of Mice that invade your Home
  • Professional Rodent Control products

Flying and Crawling Insects

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Cockroaches carry illnesses, while flies go on to contaminate food. The distress caused by fleas or bed bugs is high. Termite damage on the other hand, is expensive to repair, weakening structures.

  • Flying Insects: Fly Control
  • Crawling Insects: Termite, Cockroach Control & More
  • Reliable Pest Control Services

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